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Little Graduates

A Perfect Fit from Head to Toe
How to Measure Little Kids for Graduation Gowns

Imagine a group of 3-5 year-olds in their graduation gowns, ready for their preschool moving up party or kindergarten graduation ceremony. You don’t need your little graduates tugging at tight gowns or tripping on gown hems that are too long. Make sure your kids’ graduation gowns fit perfectly with this handy dandy Size Chart.

Perfect for preschool and kindergarten graduates of all sizes, this graduation gown Size Chart is a quick way to determine the correct size gown for every graduate. All you need is a height chart or tape measure, your kids, this Size Chart, and a pencil. When you’re done, you will have all the information you need to order the perfect size graduation gowns for your little graduates.

Graduation Gown Size Chart