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Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Graduation Sets

It’s time for your preschool and kindergarten students to graduate! We can help you get through this emotional time with the best Grad Gear around to create that “grown up” look. Our top-quality Caps and Gowns, available in two popular materials, are designed and sized specifically for little kids. Exclusive graduation accessories, from Tassels to Sashes, Stoles, and Hoods are also sized appropriately so your students are nice and comfortable on their big day. From convenient Grad Sets to individual items, we have the perfect Grad Gear in the perfect sizes to fit every student!


Caps & Gowns


Your preschool and kindergarten graduates deserve Caps and Gowns that fit correctly, so you don’t have to deal with fidgety little kids on the big day. Our graduation Caps and Gowns are proportionally-sized to fit your students perfectly! Quality Caps and Gowns both come in a Matte or Shiny material to suit your needs, and in a variety of colors to match your school colors.

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Every graduation cap needs a coordinating Tassel. These must-have graduation day accessories are perfectly sized for your preschool and kindergarten graduates. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors and color combos to match your school colors or center’s logo! Choose from 1-Color and 2-Color Tassels or even multi-color Rainbow Tassels.

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Sashes, Stoles & Hoods


Give your little grads an extra-special look for their special day with quality Sashes, Hoods, and Stoles. All of these graduation accessories are the perfect size for preschoolers and kindergartners--and they’re easy to slip on! No matter what style you choose, Sashes, Hoods, and Stoles make fantastic finishing touches for any grad gear, and they come in nice, complementary colors.

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Your 2022 Little Graduates